Sustainability is About Progress Not Perfection

When you get listed on Sustainable Main Street, you'll connect with customers who are actively looking for more eco-friendly options. It's good for your community and good for your bottom line. So what are you waiting for?  

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Sustainable Main Street?

We are a network of business owners who have taken a sustainability pledge and work together to tell our stories in the marketplace and connect with carbon-conscious consumers.

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to any business entity that passes our vetting process and commits to our pledge. The first step is to submit the business listing using the form below.

We Don't Have a Sustainability Plan in our business, what now?

We'll help you build a plan alongside your peers! We believe that commitment and awareness are the first steps towards a more sustainable business model.

This network is judgement-free zone and a safe space for businesses to incrementally grow their efforts, no matter how far along they are on their sustainability journey.

What are the benefits of joining?

We're adding new benefits all the time! As we launch, they include: a listing on our map, exclusive access to resources and monthly networking events (virtual and in-person), a customizable digital marketing kit, monthly social media posts, a branding kit for your store, and One Small Step© monthly sustainability tactics for your business!

What is the Cost?

A business listing, which includes membership in our network, is $199 per year. For franchised or multi-location businesses, additional listings can be purchased for $39.

How Do I Get Started?

First, please complete the form below and submit payment information. Our team will review your submission and send you the self-assessment and pledge form. Once those are complete, your listing will go live and you'll have full access to all of our members-only resources including a customizable marketing kit and an optional onboarding call with our team!

Who Manages Sustainable Main Street?

Sustainable Main Street is a niche of Synaptic, an award-winning marketing and PR firm with offices in Michigan and Texas. Learn more about us at

I am a B2B vendor, can I advertise?

Of course! We plan on offering advertising opportunities shortly, be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter so that you never miss an update! or announcement!

What if my business is online-only?

You're welcome here! To list a business that is online-only, simply toggle the option to hide your physical location when you complete your application. Should you have any trouble, just email us at!

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